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TaskRabbit is an American online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work. Founded in 2008 by Leah Busque, the company has received $37.7 million in funding to date and currently has tens of thousands of vetted, background-checked "Taskers" available to help consumers across a wide variety of categories. Busque founded TaskRabbit when she had no time to buy dog food, basing it on the idea of "neighbors helping neighbors".


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MikeL says

"\"DON\"T USE TASKRABBIT\". They make no efforts to resolve disputes with taskers and actively try to deceive people about what they are going to do to help. Like others have said, their customer support lies and says they are reviewing disputes, but they are actually just ignoring you and hoping you give up. I was overcharged by a tasker who did a bad job and then charged for more hours than they actually worked. When I complained to the tasker themselves, they said TaskRabbit customer support encouraged them to do this. When I contacted TaskRabbit customer support they said they would have their Senior support team look into the issue. I contacted once a week for a month and continually was told the Senior team was still looking into it and they had no updates. After a month I decided to dispute the charge with my credit card company. My credit card company reached out to TaskRabbit who promptly replied to them stating that TaskRabbit does not attempt to resolve disputes between customers and taskers and that once a customer and tasker are connected, all disputes are entirely between the tasker and the customer and TaskRabbit is no longer involved. If a customer is overcharged, it is up to them to recover their money directly from the tasker. So TaskRabbit will actively deceive customers while taking no responsibility for taskers that essentially steal money by overcharging. Don\'t user TaskRabbit!!"

Annie Galante says

"DO NOT USE TASKRABBIT! Please know that they are thieves!!! I hired a tasker last month to clean my apartment prior to move out. Not only did they not clean the apartment, they STOLE everything left inside including a vacuum cleaner, curtains, curtain rods, and many more items! Even after filing a police report they are still not reimbursing me and are doing nothing to make it right! This is a dangerous company! Do not use this app unless you want your belongings stolen!
Edited to add: I’ve already given them all documentation needed. Still no reimbursement or assistance."

Hola Henji says

"I had a horrific experience with the customer support of Taskrabbit in Spain. The customer service told me wrong information in selecting the item to assemble and the taskers arrived not sure what to do, and I contacted the customers support 3 times asking them what to do, and they all cancelled the chat. When I asked the fourth support agent how to file a official complaint, he ignored my questions. I have all the chat history and receipt! What a horrendous customer support practise! Zero out of zero if I could pick that rating."

Cindy S. says

"I haven’t even had my curtains up for two months and they are already falling off the wall. Terrible job and it cost over $60 to do this. Now I have to hire someone else to fix the poor job that was done by the tasker."

RF says

"On November 14 I booked Samuel A. to hang a flat screen television in a bedroom in my Florida home ahead of guests arriving for Thanksgiving. The tasker arrived over a half hour late, however, he completed the job quickly and the TV looked well installed. He left quickly, however. I went to the bedroom and turned on the television to discover a thumb sized crack with hand print in the top right hand corner of the TV which caused the entire screen to be bluescreen/inoperable. I contacted Task Rabbit and they seemed to be very quick and on the ball, eventually agreeing to reimburse me to replace the television after I signed a Hello Sign document. I later received an email that stated I would have my reimbursement within 5 business days through PayPal and a refund for the task through my card used. I signed the document on Saturday, 11/21 and and heard nothing by the following Weds, so I contacted Task Rabbit. They had no idea I had even executed the document and emailed me stating the refund and reimbursement had been processed and I would see the refund within 3 days and the PayPal reimbursement within 5 days plus 2 possible addl days to post. I received the refund on my card used 2 days later on 11/27. I received no reimbursement and Paypal advised none had been initiated to my account. On 12/4 I called in after several emails- all of which stated a "senior rep" would be contacting me and I never heard anything. I stayed on hold off and on for 63 minutes and 13 seconds during business hours and was told by a CSR that no one on the Resolution Team was available. I held for over an hour and no one- not even a manager would come to the phone from the resolution team. I did receive a later call from the call center manager who confirmed no one from the Resolution Team "was available" however, they had issued the reimbursement on 11/25 and I would have it by 12/7 (5 business days plus 2 addl days)- when I asked for the Transaction ID- no one could provide the same. I was told no one was available to talk, however, the reimbursement was processed on 11/25 and I would have the money in my PayPal account by no later than Monday 12/7. On Monday 12/7 I received an email stating it would be 10-15 days before I received a reimbursement. Again, I called in and no one was available. I am currently pursuing legal action since no one from this horrible company will call back or address the fact that obviously someone dropped the ball. We have a signed legal document outlining my refund and reimbursement which I executed over two weeks ago only to have the terms changed verbally each time I contact the company and as of today, 12/8- I still don't have a reimbursement. I have contacted PayPal multiple times, who have advised no reimbursement has been initiated to my account at all and to request the Transaction ID- which I did by phone and have never been provided. The company owes me $497+ and I want to report their deceptive practices, horrible service, and terrible customer service."

Anita says

"This is a review of TASKRABBIT, NOT our tasker. He was phenomenal!
As of today, Dec. 6, our tasker has STILL not been paid by TaskRabbit for our October event though he and I have each had a text conversation with Customer Service. My contact resulted in the case being escalated and sent to a supervisor or the next level. I have NEVER heard back from TaskRabbit supervisor or anyone else. This is unconscionable and unprofessional. No way should this excellent service provider be still waiting for payment nearly two months after he rendered his service. I won't be using TaskRabbit again."

Kee Kee says

"Absolute terrible service they hold no accountability for taskers who inconvenience you or cause you issues! And still charge you the fee when taskers drop the ball!"

Customer says

"Items missing that were paid for."

Zachary Harmon says

"Scam. charged me twice. That reply from them is lying too. Cant upload image to prove. No option to upload image here."

Louise Goldberg Friend says

"Shawn did not show up at the appointed time. Prior to that he did not answer any of my text messages, nor sent any of his own."

Mila Quinn says

"Booked Melva to put a computer desk cable together and the board on top. She was kind but wasn’t familiar with this type of desk. From Primecable and an hour job. It was one of the easiest to put together after reading a million reviews on many.
She was done just shy of an hour. The crank would raised only one side. There was a mistake she needed to correct. Stayed another 1/2 hour and charged me for it. Why should I pay for mistakes done? I was charged on my card without asking. Will not book again. From vancouver bc"

Marcia Arthurs says

"I used a man and woman. The woman was extremely slow and when given the next task would forget it. Paidcway too much money for her. The man was capable and stayed later than planned. However, he would disappear for 30 minutes at a time throughout the day, many times. He worked about half the time he was there and disappeared the other times. He was full of excuses. I’m not happy with either. I could have hired. A $15 hr. Gig worker through Craigslist. These two were nit professional as they lacked a work ethic. And I was under a very tight time constraint To move; I i had to be out of my home . I should have partial funds returned to me. Please have someone in management contact me. These two people were not professional as they lacked a work ethic necessary for the job they undertook."

Unhappy Customer says

"i would not use TaskRabbit again. TaskRabbit charges for a full hour of work despite the actual time spent on a task. This makes TaskRabbit much more expensive than it should be. I think the pricing system and extra fees do not take the customer into account. I will not be using TaskRabbit again. There are other services similar to TaskRabbit that are much more affordable and transparent in their pricing."

Donna says

"Not about the task rabbiter, me trying to reach him through your help line.

The task rabbiter I had, Sun, left his charger here. I'm sure he wants, I can't get to him. When I called, whomever I spoke with said they were sending a message to him, but I'm sure he didn't get or he would have come for his charger, I'm sure he needs. Can someone please reach out to him? He was here on Fridya, October 30th when he assembled furniture for me.

Thank you."

Joanna Malach says

"Too high on fees for worker and customer"

Lisa Li says

"I signup for IKea furniture assemble , the tasker cancel me twice at last moment with out notice ."

James W says

"The tasker is very nice person. He is on time, courteous and is willing to do a lot extra things, but my PAX wardrobe mirror door is not assembled correctly. It is skewed and cannot close correctly. Even though the tasker tried to correct it but he failed. Because he is charging by the hour, (his original estimate is 3 hours) he has already wasted one extra hour trying to remedy the situation. I did not want him to continue his search for a solution by charging me extra hours (I already paid him 4 hours). After he left, I found the screws on the soft closing hinges were damaged and I was not able to adjust to balance the mirror doors myself, Furthermore, I found one of the anchors to the wall was loose after he left. I need Task Rabbit customer service to find someone with good knowledge of PAX wardrobe assembly to remedy the situation free of charge, for my satisfaction."

Wallace Kleid says

"The assembler could not complete the job which involved assembling a 39 inch and 19 inch PAC unit in a closet.. He was frustrated by the process and gave up unable to assemble the second unit. One of the members of the construction crew working on our bathroom was able to complete the assembly, not specifically according to the PAC manual but assembled the unit nonetheless. The assembler did well but no imaginative vision to assemble the second unit outside the norm"

Karin Charlie says

"I called to have my ikea future to be put together, the person who put it together was a bit grumpy..when I was speaking to my mom about other repairs he stated he was a contractor so I offered him the job..he said he would work it as a side job..he did an incomplete job worst mistake ever..what a disappointment will never use anyone from this company again"

Pauline Dask says

"the person who finally showed on the 5th attempt to find someone was excellent. professional, clean and efficient.But it was a joke trying to find someone. They kept canceling by text right before the job, instead of getting back too you immediately after you post the job, so you have time to find someone else. So It took an extra 5 days to have my work done. Every morning I would expect someone and received a cancellation text instead. It would be helpful to talk to someone instead of relying on the text feature. Improve the communication aspect and you will have a winning formula."

Alma Jay says

"Tasker didn't come prepared left to go to the store but charge me for the time. GO ANOTHER ROUTE"

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